Somersby Watermelon



  • Fruity and slightly acidic
  • Dominance of watermelon aroma with red apple note
  • The taste of summer
33 cl 4.5% ABV
217/51 kJ/kcal (100 ml)

Water, apple wine (water, sugar, apple juice concentrate), sugar, apple juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, acid citric acid, colours caustic sulphite caramel and anthocyanins, preservative potassium sorbate, natural flavouring. Read more

Nutrition information
Wonderfully refreshing

Somersby Watermelon

  • Taste

    Intensely fruity cider with watermelon taste and apple notes. Pleasant long lasting sweetness with good balance between the fruitiness and slight acidity.

  • Aroma

    Dominance of watermelon aroma with red apple note.

  • Aftertaste

    Fruity after taste of watermelon, strawberry and apple.

Goes well with

  • Charcuterie

  • Fruity desserts

  • Light salad

Best served over ice at 5°C

Our Story

This cider is more than a cider; it’s a drop of refreshing optimism. Perfect for sharing in the company of good friends, family and odd acquaintances.

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