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Where can I buy Somersby merchandise?

We think it’s pretty cool that you want to see what we make aside from our ciders. In fact, we have a limited supply of Somersby merchandise exclusively available on Wahoo! If you’ve seen some refreshing Somersby merchandise at an event or festival, it’s bad news, friends – this was most likely marketing material that is not put on sale after the event. But even though this merchandise may not always be available, Somersby cider is. Isn’t that wonderful.

Is Somersby vegan?

At Somersby, we are open-minded people. It’s part of our DNA. And that’s why we say the more diversity the better. So vegans, we’ve pretty much got you covered – the vast majority of our ciders can be considered to be made from vegan friendly ingredients. That is unless they contain carmine (found in Blackberry, Red Rhubarb, Mango & Lime, Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Spritz). And hey, it’s easy to spot – the use of carmine (E120) is on the ingredient list in markets where the ingredient list is given.

Is Somersby gluten free?

Non-gluten eaters, we’ve got you covered. So pull up a seat at our table, because no cereals or cereal-based ingredients, which are normally a source of gluten, are used in the production of our ciders. Want know something even better? We’ll cheer to that! Listen up, though. If your question concerns the Somersby beer drink available in Kazakhsta, Laos, Poland and Sri Lanka, this is an exception, since this recipe is beer-based and therefore contains gluten.

Is there an alcohol-free Somersby?

Yes! cue round of applause You can find our alcohol-free ciders in Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Belgium. Cheers!

I’m interested in working for Somersby. Where do I apply?

At Somersby, we celebrate people coming together and we invite people to join us, no matter who they are or what they are into. To us, the more the merrier. And the best way to join us is by checking out your local job search engines where our local market representative will post job openings when we’re on the lookout for talented people. And who knows, that could be you!

I am going to write a school project about Somersby, can you help?

Hats off to you for wanting to do a project about us! We’re very flattered. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to help with school projects at the moment. But we fully support you!

Does Somersby cider taste the same all over the world?

A great question, with a great answer: ingredients and taste can differ slightly across countries. Why’s that, you ask? This can be due to locally sourced ingredients and local food legislation, which make the production slightly different. But now you can get a glass of ice cold Somersby in 50 countries across the globe, and we like to cater to our worldwide fans. That’s why we may also use different ingredients and production methods to satisfy local taste preferences. So make sure you try a Somersby on your travels!

Are you interested in sponsoring my event?

We’re big fans of sponsoring events. So much so that we choose our sponsorship agreements very carefully. That’s why we usually only enter into agreement with a limited amount of partners. But we’re always open to new ideas, so feel free to send your detailed sponsorship request to [email protected] and we’ll consider it with the local market. Don’t forget the details though - we reserve the right to not consider sponsorship requests that we feel are not detailed enough.

I have taken a great picture of your cider! Are you interested in using it for marketing purposes?

If we could see your photo right now, we’re sure we’d like it! We unfortunately don’t buy fan pictures for marketing material. But not all hope is lost – we’re big fans of social media, so if you post your photo on there, there’s a possibility it could be picked up and reposted by one of our local markets.

What are Somersby's nutritional facts?

We look at life through cider coloured goggles. But we never forget the details. For information on nutrition, head to each variant’s specific page. All you need to do is explore the specific product you’re looking for on the product overview page. Voilà!

Can I distribute Somersby in my home country?

At Somersby, we’re open-minded people. Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll point you in the right direction. Fingers crossed!

Where can I buy Somersby in my home country?

Our refreshing Somersby cider is available in 50 countries across the world. For more local information, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will point you in the right direction. Enjoy!

Where can I find out which Somersby flavours are available in my country?

That’s one of our favourites! The best way to find out is by sending us an email at [email protected] and we will point you in the right direction.

I want to buy a larger quantity of Somersby for an event. Can you help?

Sounds like a great event! And we’d love to help make this possible, but unfortunately we don’t sell or ship Somersby from a central warehouse. So to make this event live up to your plans, we advise you to reach out to local distributors and/or retailers to see if they can help with this request. Don’t fret, though, – send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction.

My latmest experience with Somersby did not live up to my expectations. Where can I complain?

We’re sorry to hear this. But we’re here to help – complaints are handled in local markets. Please send us an email at [email protected] describing the issue, where you are located in the world, and whether you still have a proof of purchase; then we’ll forward your request. If you can include a picture of the issue that would be very helpful. Let’s work this out together.

Where can I find out what new Somersby flavours you are introducing or bringing back to my country?

You can now you can get a glass of ice cold Somersby in 50 countries across the globe, but we’re sorry your favourite cider isn’t available to you! We’re working on it but unfortunately can’t disclose when local markets will introduce or reintroduce certain flavours. We all love a bit of mystery, but to find out sooner you can simply follow Somersby’s local social media channels where you’ll be the first to hear about new flavours.

Is cider beer?

Cider is not beer, even though it has a similar alcohol content and both undergo a fermentation process. Cider is made through the fermentation of apple or pear juice and it does not contain any hops, wheat or malt.

Is cider gluten free?

Somersby cider is gluten-free. During the production we don't use wheat or cereal-based ingredients that would usually be a source of gluten. Only our beer-based Somersby in Kazakhstan, Laos, Poland and Sri-Lanka, which we call Somersby Beer drink contains gluten because it is based on beer. All our normal ciders are free of gluten though.

Is cider alcoholic?

Somersby cider contains 4.5% alcohol. Our cider undergoes a fermentation process, in which alcohol is a natural byproduct. The strength of our cider is comparable with a typical lager beer.

Is cider vegan?

The vast majority of our ciders is made from vegan-friendly ingredients. That is unless they contain carmine, which is found in Blackberry, Red Rhubarb, Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Spritz. It is easy to spot if a Somersby contains carmine (E120) on the nutritional facts label, usually on the backside of the packaging.

Does cider have carbs?

Somersby ciders contain from about 3.9 grams up to 8.7 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml. Our Somersby sparkling white contains the lowest amount of carbs, with 3.9 grams per 100ml.

Where is Somersby cider from?

Somersby ciders are made in Denmark. Proudly owned and brewed by Carlsberg.

Is cider carbonated?

Somersby cider is carbonated. That's why we are calling it sparkling cider.

Does cider have sugar?

Somersby contains carbohydrates, which consist of sugar mainly. For example, Somersby Apple Cider contains 8.2g of carbohydrates per 100ml and 8.1g are sugars. Find more details on Somersby nutrition and calories.

Does cider have wheat?

Somersby cider is without wheat. During production, we don't use wheat or cereal-based ingredients. The only exception is our beer-based cider in Poland, Laos and Kazakhstan which we call Somersby Apple Beer Drink. Our range of ciders, however, is free of wheat.

Does cider have caffeine?

Somersby ciders do not contain any caffein.

How to pronounce Somersby?

Somersby is pronounced səmərrzbjʊ. We spell summer with an "o" in Denmark, so it is "Somers".. and finishes with a "by" as at the beginning of "bureaucracy". However, it is spelled just with one m, as opposed to many languages spelling summer with two m's.

Which cider has the least calories?

Our alcohol-free Apple cider has by far the lowest amount of calories with only 35kcal per 100ml. Generally, our ciders contain from 51 kcal to 61kcal per 100ml.

Is Somersby cider sweet?

Somersby contains carbohydrates, which consists of sugar mainly and make it a little sweet but not too much. For example, Somersby Apple Cider contains 8.2g of carbohydrates per 100ml and 8.1g are sugars. You can the specific amount of sugars for each Somersby taste on Somersby nutrition and calories.

What aisle would apple cider be in?

Somersby apple cider is usually found in the same aisle as beer, close to spirits and mixed alcoholic beverages.

What is elderflower Somersby?

Somersby elderflower & lime is a refreshing apple cider with a strong taste of elderflower balanced with acid notes of lime. It has a pleasant sweetness and is slightly sour at the same time.

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