Somersby Passionfruit & Orange


Passionfruit & Orange

  • Vibrant passionfruit taste balanced with a hint of sunny orange​
  • New flavour experience that transports you straight to a warm summer evening
  • Gluten-free
330ml 4,5% ABV
226/54 KJ/Kcal, Fat Free

Water, apple wine (water, sugar, apple juice concentrate), sugar, passionfruit and orange, colour ammonia caramel and quinoline yellow, preservative potassium sorbate Read more

Nutrition Information
Wonderfully refreshing


  • Taste

    Refreshing cider with vibrant passionfruit taste well balanced with a hint of sunny orange.​

  • Aroma

    Intense passionfruit notes with orange blossoms.​

  • Aftertaste

    Pleasant passionfruit notes followed by lingering sweet orange taste.

Goes well with

  • Salad with pomegranate or berries

  • Asian beef stir-fry with spring onions and ginger

  • Vanilla ice-cream

Best served over ice at 5°C